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Healthy Eye Tips

If you can think of one food that you were told helps with vision, what would that food item be? If we are guessing correctly, we would guess that you were told to eat carrots. You have most likely learned since then that there are other ways to keep those eyes happy and healthy, but do you know what they are? Because the eyes are important organs on your body, we want to give you some advice on maintaining healthy eyes to make sure you maintain healthy vision throughout your life.

Sure, carrots are healthy for you and your eyes, but carrots are not the stopping point for foods that benefit your sight. Generally, eating a balanced and well-rounded diet is enough to keep your eyes healthy. If you are looking for specific foods to benefit your sight, try to consume plenty of omega-3’s, leafy greens, and fruits and vegetables. Basically, if it’s a colorful yellow or orange veggie, go for it!

When you’re headed in to see an eye specialist of any kind, it is important to know your family’s eye health history. Do you know if your family carries a certain gene? Do you have a hereditary disease that occurs in your family? Knowing the answer to these questions is always a good idea when talking to your doctor or specialist. Knowing your risk of developing an eye disease will ensure you have the best chance of catching it early if the warning signs start showing.

EYE PROTECTION! We did not put this first, because this encompasses a lot of tips, but this is possibly one of the best ways to keep your eyes healthy for the long haul. Whether you work at a job that requires protective goggles, you are outside, or you play a sport that necessitates eye protection, it cannot be stressed enough that you should be focusing on protection from elements outside of your body.

Allergens, irritants, and foreign objects can make a home in your eyes and continue to irritate them if the precaution of eye protection is not used. We all know what it feels like to have something in your eye that does not belong there. Do yourself and your vision the favor of covering your eyes when you are outside, at a dangerous job, or playing certain sports.

Your eyes are extremely powerful organs in the body that can handle a lot, but they do get tired. Looking at screens, being in direct sunlight, and focusing on one thing for too long all have a play in tiring out your eyes. If you notice that your eyes feel a little more strained when doing certain tasks, take yourself away from that task and try something not as hard on the eyes for a while. Your eyes are telling you that they need a break, and this is not something you should ignore.